About HYRE

Energy is everywhere in nature. Our mission is to forge a path to a wireless world - a place where power flows from nature to wherever it is needed.

The HYRE concept is to provide a single battery pack that can deliver wireless power to a number of electronic devices. Energy is harvested from renewable sources and wirelessly transferred to the battery pack or directly to the devices. HYRE is the start of an eco system that allows users to seamlessly shift between devices that provide light, sound, heat, cooling and communication, all with just one battery. With HYRE you have limitless power to always stay connected and to have fun.

Battery degradation is a key factor that reduces the lifetime of many consumer products. This ecosystem will reduce the number of batteries used in devices. Without batteries in each device, the lifetime of your devices will increase, you will help to reduce the environmental impact from battery waste, all while collecting energy from nature.

HYRE makes you free and connected with limitless power wherever you are.

Half Nature. Half Science.