HYRE Wireless power bank

The power bank is the core of the HYRE product line. Our rugged power bank is dustproof, waterproof, and is Qi-compliant to receive and transmit power wirelessly. It will be the backbone of the HYRE Wireless lamp, and future products developed by HYRE. HYRE Wireless power bank is the size of a mobile phone, which allows it to fit into pockets and small cargo spaces.

The power bank can be charged from a renewable source, using one of the HYRE charging options, or by a regular wireless power charger (Qi) you can buy in any electrical store.

Designed by award-winning Norwegian designer Per Finne.

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Gives 4-7 full phone charges
Receives and transmits power wirelessly (15 W)
Up to 15 W USB-C charging with cable adapter for your cameras, GoPro or other portable devices.
14 000 mAh (50 Wh) capacity Li-ion batteries

    • Weight
      390 g
    • SKU
  • Measures
    170 mm x 75 mm x 23 mm
  • Effect
    15 Watt

Delivery in Norway: 75 NOK
Delivery in EU/EØS, USA and Canada: 150 NOK
Estimated delivery: April 2021

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