How fast does HYRE Wireless power bank charge?

At full effect using HYRE Wireless solar panel or HYRE Wireless charging pad, it takes approximately 2,5 hours to charge. A lithium ion battery charges faster at the beginning of the charging cycle. We recommend a full charge before leaving your home.

What is the capacity of HYRE Wireless power bank?

14 400 mAh (3,6 V) or 50 Wh. This will fully charge an average smart phone 4-6 times.

What kind of battery elements are being used? 

18650 cylindrical lithium ion cells. These are similar to the ones used in most electric cars.

Does HYRE Wireless power bank contain cobalt?

Yes. We use certified battery cells from recognized suppliers documenting the origin of the different materials. 

Do HYRE products come with a warranty?

Yes. All products have a 2 year warranty.

When will the HYRE products be delivered?

Unfortunately, the covid-19 circumstances have caused a set back. The good news is that we are now fully back in business, and in the process of optimizing everything for production. We aim to deliver your HYRE product in September 2020.

Where are the HYRE products being made?

HYRE Wireless solar panel is made in China. All other components of the HYRE series are made in Norway and Europe.

How are the HYRE products recycled?

We are imposed to collect products for recovery. The plastic shells are recycled, and we follow standard recycling programs for battery elements disposal.

What is the next product in the HYRE series? 

We welcome your input!